The Benefits Of Hesitation: There Are None

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the benefits of hesitation dre baldwinAre there any?

Not that I know of. Every time I have hesitated to take some action, nothing ended up better. I just ended up doing what i was going to do in the first place, just later. Buying something I wanted. Talking to someone I needed to speak to. Jumping on some work that awaited me.

Even when I hesitated to do something and ended up not liking what I did, that still didn’t make hesitating smart — I was going to do it anyway. I only know about the bad outcome from doing it.  If I’d never done anything I would still to this day be kicking myself for not doing it, wondering what could’ve been.

Now there is a difference between hesitating and waiting. Like if you need to ask mom for $5, you might want to wait until she;s in a good mode, not just after you showed her the F grade you got in chemistry. If you need to get a plane ticket, waiting until you actually have the money to pay for it would be a smart strategy. Waiting is a calculated strategy; hesitating belies a lack of confidence in the action you’re going to take anyway. Big difference.

So I tricked you into clicking on this post: there are no benefits to hesitating when you already know what you’re going to do. Sue me.

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