The Benefits of Humility: You Must Be Your First Fan

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The Benefits of Humility - Dre Baldwin

That title is a trick. Click bait, if you will. Because I’d be the wrong person to write that post.

I covered this in an earlier post about being humble; this is more about how you can get your name known. Unless you have a strong cheerleader on your team or get lucky in terms of someone big paying you attention, you need to learn how to toot your own horn, and how to do it well.

If you’re good at something and people should know about it, then dammit, tell them! The issue most people have is: 1) they think they’re good when they’re not — a lot of young athletes contact me, believing they deserve “exposure” when they’ve done absolutely nothing worth of it. 2) People so caught in humility and being humble that they see something wrong with flying their own flag. Good luck waiting for someone to fly it for you.

When you’re good, part of it is making sure people are aware of that. Letting people know who you are, what you do, why it matters, and why you’re important to them and others. This is a skill that is part of the “Being Good” package.

Now, think: can you name things about you worthy of filling that space within 30 seconds? If not, you haven’t done enough. If you can, package it and get the word out. That’s part of the damn job.

Job resumes do just this. You’ve made one of those before, right? Well then. Why not make your whole life one glistening resume?

You can go over there and be humble; I’ll be over here promoting myself and making sure people know why I’m important. We will see who wins the race.