The Best Stuff I’ve Read Recently [10.7.18]

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I read a lot of books, and I get article reading done in between. Here are some good ones that you may be interested in…  
  • First, please support the Work On Your Game Podcast on Patreon. bonuses to follow.
  • A couple people have asked me what happened to the Personal Development/Self-Help category of my Reading List. It’s fixed, and back.
  • The “N” word: Around friends of a similar ethnicity, I use the freely — in jest, in seriousness, so casually as to not even notice how much I say it. It’s littered throughout all the music I grown up with and subconsciously memorized. But, here’s a thoughtful breakdown of the origins and history behind the use of the “N” word, one which made me re-think my own use of it.
  • A guy nearly dies, and becomes paralyzed, in a car accident. He decides to become a full-time blogger during the recovery. Though he becomes wildly popular, he can only earn a certain amount of money, because he’s on government aid for his medical expenses (crazy, yes). So he… well, read it and learn for yourself.
  • Ever found yourself dealing with the awkward silence of a constipated conversation with neither of you having much to say? Here’s a list of 36 conversation-provoking questions that, according to the authors, lead to deeper connection (and maybe more).
  • I read Seneca’s great book on Stoicism moths ago and have touted it on the Work On Your Game Podcast — which means you should have read it by now. Here’s a list of 50 Stoic quotes that serve as a kick in the ass for you to cease time-wasting.
  • Social Media is “the cancer of our time,” says a billionaire.
  • The NBA is the best meme-worthy sports league that exists at any level. If you think about it, damn near every well-known sports meme out there is from an NBA game or NBA player. Someone went and compiled the best memes out there and created an NCAA-Tournament style bracket of 64 to determine which is the best. The winner may surprise you.
  • Seth on how little all that extra time in the mirror actually matters in aggregate.
  • Shaquille O’Neal says there was only one 7-footer who Shaq couldn’t handle even when given his best effort. The guy pushed him around in the paint, could slow down Shaq’s offense, and was the first big man who befuddled Shaq on defense by shooting jumpers from the outside — a space where Shaq was always uncomfortable. This mysterious 7-footer did play in the NBA, but you’ve probably never heard of him (unless you remember a story I told on the Work On Your Game Podcast): His name is Stanley Roberts. Scottie Pippen says Stan could’ve been the best big man in the history of basketball. Read about why that didn’t happen.
  • A writer(thoughtfully) claps back the vitriol against newly approved Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the accusations that made his appointment such a big deal. Regardless of where you stand on the whole situation, the point made here are logical, objective and worth a read.
  • A guy who used to (maybe still does?) gamble for a living — he made a killing by betting big on the 2004 Detroit Pistons to beat the Kobe-Shaq-Gary Payton-Karl Malone Lakers in the Finals — just got hired as Director of Quantitative Research And Development by  the Dallas Mavericks. Gambling is become more and more legal, and is an area of HUGE future opportunity.
  • James Altucher writes even more than I do, and this article about making yourself better in a short period of time is worth your twenty minutes.