The Bikini Mentality

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The Bikini Mentality | Dre BaldwinA female friend sent me a photo of herself in a bikini.

She was asking my opinion — did I think she could pull off the bathing suit at an upcoming pool party? There would be a lot of people there and she wanted to present herself well. I’m asking you, my female friend said, because I know you’ll give me an honest opinion.

I told her that with the bikini (and I thought she looked good in it), how she actually looked to other people was only 50% of what mattered. How she felt she looked was the other 50% — and depending on how strong that feeling was, it could’ve been much more than 50%.

That’s The Bikini Mentality: How you feel about your presentation matters just as much, if not more than what you actually do (or how you really look). You can’t hide when you’re in a bathing suit, and if you’re wearing one — why would you want to? Act like it.

Have you ever seen someone who was really badly dressed, but you could tell that the person felt she looked great? You could see it in her eyes. In her walk. You could feel it. That’s The Bikini Mentality.

So for your next presentation or game or pool party, carry yourself as if you’re wearing a bikini. You’re exposed and everyone is looking.

That’s a good thing.