The Dream 100 by Dana Derricks [Book Reviews]

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I heard of Dana Derricks on a podcast and become a fan within the span of his 30-minute interview. 

Dana is a goat farmer (really) from Wisconsin who worked as a copywriter before switching to the one-to-many method of delivery — one of his methods being his books. 

The Dream 100 concept is one that I’ve been utilizing for years without having a name for it. 

The basic concept: make strategic connections with other people who have audiences of people who would benefit from your value. Build relationships with those audience owners. Create mutually beneficial ventures. 

Every podcast appearance, TV / radio interview and speaking gig I’ve ever done was through following such a process. Dana Derricks has codified the concept and made it into a process that can be explained to and followed by anyone. 

You Should Read Dream 100 IF: You want to make money and expand your audience faster and more easily through other people than you ever could on your own sweat equity.