The Famous Chick Story: It Would’ve Been Wrong – And I Should Have Done It Anyway

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Gansevoort Hotel (now 1 Hotel), South Beach. I’m standing out front at the valet waiting for my car.

Then she walked by.

It was really HER. You know who she is. Female. Sex symbol. Amazing body. She’s famous-famous. Everybody knows who she is. Miami, and specifically that area of SoBe, was THE locale for famous people then. I’d come across many— Jeezy, Busta Rhymes, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott, Fabolous, Lil’ Wayne. A bunch of Young Money artists lived in my building, along with a couple Miami Heat Players.

She was more famous than all of them. And still is.

Ok, so she walked by — big deal. It was how she walked by… she looked at me — I mean RIGHT at me. And it wasn’t the normal, noticing-a-human-being look. It was a signal I read immediately: I’m interested, and this look is your opening to close the deal. 

Funny thing was, the girl I was seeing at the time of course knew of this famous chick, and hated her. Talked shit about the famous chick any time her name came up. It was the perfect You-know-you-shouldn’t-but-you-should-anyway recipe for me.



But I hesitated. Partly out of surprise; partly out of not being on my toes for this kind of stuff, being taken at the time and all. My radar was not up.

Didn’t say anything to her as she stared me in my face. The hesitation turned to dust. She was walking by, like I said, and that opportunity window is small.

Later, I reationalized the situation well. I’m a Mental Game expert, after all. I’m seeing someone, which was true. The famous chick would’ve seen my car when valet pulled up — the one I was driving then — and changed her mind about me. I did the right thing by staying faithful to the girl I was already seeing.

All bullshit.

To this day I know, those were all bullshit lies I’ve told myself to make me feel better about a blown opportunity, one that I can’t get back. Once I came clean to myself about it, I decided to not have anymore of those. I don’t mean in talking to females. I mean in life, period.

I’d rather fuck something up and regret my actions than be pissed at myself for what I could’ve done or should’ve said.

Does that sometimes result in me taking things too far? Hell yeah it does. And you know what? I’m always happy I did so afterwards.

Oh, and that famous chick? Name the first one who comes to mind.

Yeah — it was her.