The Funny Thing About Professional Sports

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The Funny Thing About Professional Sports - Dre BaldwinOf all the professions in life, sports is the only one (at least that I know of) in which…

People, who have never worked there, have no accomplishments in the field, and no hands-on knowledge whatsoever, know EXACTLY how the people in the business should do their jobs.

Basketball is one line of work that displays this idea in its most egregious form. That’s because basketball is such as easy sport to partake in — everyone has done it, at least a little bit — and things appear to be so easy when you’re watching it. Baseball doesn’t look easy. Neither does football. Hockey? I can’t even skate.

A couple years ago, I scrolled through my Facebook timeline one day and someone who was my Facebook friend had posted one of my videos to his timeline, touting the value of players learning from it. In the comments to the post, some white guy, who from his profile pic was about 300 pounds, left this gem:

That move wouldn’t work against a good defender because blah blah blah (something he saw on TV or YouTube or dreamed up while on his third trip to the buffet table).

I didn’t get excited about the comment; you won’t go far online responding to every person with something negative to say (especially when they have no idea what they’re talking about). I didn’t even get into the conversation since it wasn’t even my post. Just one of those things you shake your head at and keep going. This was merely a microcosm of what happens daily when it comes to sports and athletes — I’m sure you’ve all had opinions about Seattle’s last drive in the Super Bowl.

Is there another business out there where people who’ve never done it have such strong convictions on how it’s done?