The Game Is Mental: You Become What You Think About

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The Game Is Mental dre baldwinYou’ve heard this before. But, really think about it.

We all (a high number of us, at least) have the physical abilities to do the things we talk and dream and scheme about. So what’s that gap between the talk and the actualization? It’s our minds, nothing more and nothing less.

I’m watching a  basketball game right now; there’s a player named JR Smith playing who has all the talent you could fit into a basketball player. Thing is, JR has bounced around with several teams in his career and never been the “Franchise Guy” for his team — always a complimentary piece who eventually wears out his welcome. Always. There is nothing, though, that JR cannot do on a basketball court. His legacy will be a player who could do it all, and just never quite got it.

Another player I think of when I see JR is Dwyane Wade. Even if you’re not into hoops you’ve heard of DWade. Wade has three championship rings. Is rated one of the top 5 players at his position in the history of the game. Has been the Franchise Guy in Miami his entire career (and still is, despite LeBron James’s presence: The Heat would/will never let DWade leave town). Dwyane Wade is a surefire Hall of Fame player.

Why do I bring up both guys? This is why: There is nothing that DWade can do, physically, that JR cannot do. I’ll even go as far as to say that JR has more physical abilities than DWade — he’s slightly taller, a better shooter, with more range, and has proven to be more durable over his career. These are all true. So why is DWade an all-time great and JR is… JR?

It’s what is between each man’s ears. Focus, discipline, and commitment are what separate a DWade from a JR Smith, in anything in life. Take all of that away, JR very well could rate as the better player. But those brains of our make a helluva difference.

What this means for you: physical ability — talent, size, genes — do not make or break you. Your physical location does not determine your future. Your focus, your discipline, and your commitment to doing the necessary things when they need to be done — not skipping steps when you really want to — are what determine you ultimate fate.

Be DWade, not JR.

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