The Grass Really IS Greener Over There…

In Basketball
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In pro sports today, most prevalently in basketball, players are switching teams, asking for trades, and bailing out of losing situations as soon as things don’t go well. 

Some former players and fans from older generations have called some of the current players “soft.” 

Some think it’s just the world that we have today: instant change and gratification is the reality of the current climate. 

I think it’s the grass-is-greener complex that we are ALL guilty of in some part. 

We’ve all heard the saying that the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence. 

And we’ve all been taught that that other-side grass may actually not be as green as we think it is. 

But something has changed. 

Nowadays, we can SEE what’s on the other side of our fences. And we don’t have to be tall or have climbing ability to see it. 

All we have to do is pick up our smartphones or perform a quick google search. 

Here’s what we find, if we look around enough: that grass really IS greener!! 

It’s not just a saying. It’s true. 

There’s someone out there, right now, who’s growing the same breed of grass that you’re growing. 

But theirs is growing faster. 

It’s much greener than yours. 

There’s no dog shit in their grass. 

Their grass looks so damn green, you feel like you could lay down and take a nap in it. 

Your grass? Not so inviting. 

Sometimes the sun shines on others more than it does on you. 

What can you do about it? 

I made a MasterClass explaining what to do. It’s called, Heat To Do When Someone Plays Favorites — And You’re Not One Of Them. 

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