The Hero’s 2 Journeys by Michael Hauge (@michael_hauge‬) and Christopher Vogler [Book Reviews]

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I heard about Michael Hauge from Russell Brunson in his Expert Secrets book, as Brunson explained the journey that marketers can take their audience in explaining the story behind their offerings. 

I found and consumed this short book in a day or two, as it’s based on a live presentation Hauge and Vogler have an audience of Hollywood script writers who wanted to get better at storytelling. 

The Hero’s Two Journeys outlines the story act of every great Hollywood movie, from action thrillers to rom-coms to Disney classics. This book shares the framework and strategy that has worked in the film industry for years, and equips the reader with the tools to tell their story the same way: the way that works. 

You Should Read The Hero’s Two Journeys If: You want to know how to best structure the telling of your story to keep people paying attention and emotionally invested in the outcome.