The Journey AND The Destination

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The Journey AND The Destination Dre baldwin DreAllDay.comSome say the journey matters. It’s not the money you make or the titles you acquire, but the person you become in the process. 

Some say it’s the destination. You need the money and the feeling of satisfaction and the shiny trophy — it represents what you’ve done! 

It’s both.

You want to “win,” in whatever form winning takes for you. It feels good to come in first place, have a ceremony in your honor, get a big check in the mail, be recognized in the front of the room for everyone to acknowledge. Winners get remembered, and we tend to forget the blemishes of winners. The narrative becomes all the great stuff you did, none of the dirty secrets that allowed the to happen. Winning cures all.

It’s also important become a great person who can recreate success and teach it to others since your life span is but a mere grain of sand in the timeline of the universe. If you leave nothing behind, you may as well not have even been here. And leaving something behind is more than just hey, look at the great things I did! It’s what other people can do constructively with what you leave behind that matters.

Not either-or. Both.

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  1. I really appreciate everything you do Dre. Remember to proofread though.

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