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Stress: a feeling of emotional or physical tension. 

You know the feeling of stress. 

Maybe it sneaks up on you when you have more on your plate than you can actually eat. 

Scrambling to get the money to pay the bills. 

Or the emotional heartache of losing a loved one. 

Knowing that something unwanted is happening soon, and knowing that you can’t do anything to stop it from happening. 

We’ve all experienced this form of stress. We can call is distress. 

Distress, the bad version of stress, drains our energy. It disturbs the sleep. Ages a person in dog years. 

Distress causes ulcers and disease (literally, dis-ease). 

There’s another form of stress, though. 

This is the stress that we appreciate, look forward to, and even bring upon ourselves on purpose. 

If you lift weights, do CrossFit or have ever completed a distance run, you stressed your body and your mind — and you’re glad you did it. You’ll do it again tomorrow. And you’ll pay money for the opportunity. 

When you initiate a conversation that you know may cause someone to get upset — but you know that the conversation needed to happen — that’s stress that you’re happy to experience. 

This, we call eustress. 

Eustress: moderate or normal psychological stress interpreted as being beneficial for the experiencer.

When you hire a coach or personal trainer, you’re asking for eustress. 

Taking on a leadership role that you’re not sure you can handle? Eustress. 

High achievers are experts at eustress — not necessarily at handling it, but at placing themselves in the midst of it and figuring things out from there. 

Self-inflicted eustress is the seed of personal growth. 

In fact, the more eustress you make yourself deal with, the less power distress has to disturb you. Coincidentally, as you get comfortable with eustress, you’ll find distress happening less and less in your life. 

Not because things stopped happening — but because it just doesn’t surprise or bother you as much. You’re conditioned for handling stress. 

Stress is a part of being alive. You might as well be ready for it. 

How often are you putting yourself under eustress? 

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