The Leveler: Change Happens To Everyone

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The more you live life, the more unfair you’ll see it is. We all want to score the touchdown. Some people start life at the 20 yard line while you started outside of the stadium. A person gets picked over you for no good reason — it surely wasn’t based on merit or accomplishments. You get punished for doing something everybody is doing. It has happened to others, it will happen to you. Be prepared.

Except that you can’t be prepared, because you don’t know when it will happen. You don’t even know what, exactly, will happen. But you know change is our only constant, and it spares no one. Things will change. What, when? Who knows. But there will be change.

The great thing about change is that it levels the playing field for the unlucky amongst us. Change happens to everyone, everywhere, and the ability to adapt to it can’t be left in a trust fund by a rich daddy or wealthy great-aunt. We all start from zero and we all must adapt to circumstances, as they occur. Cheating is impossible.

So, for those of you who don’t have the advantages — funny thing is, almost everyone places them self in this category — pay attention to your response to change. Work on your fluidity and flexibility — this is where you gain ground on the ones who can’t adapt like you can.

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