The Matching Of Your Environments

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The Matching Of Your Environments | Dre BaldwinLook at the physical space you occupy right now (or the last one you were in which you control, such as your home or office or desk workspace). The organization or disorganization of that space can be accurately equated to the organization of your own mind, or lack thereof.

The physical is manifested through the mental. Think about someone you know who has a really clean home or office: This person is probably a clear thinker who always has good, useful ideas and information to share with you. Right?

Now, think of someone who has a junky car, messy home, papers everywhere on their desk: Unclear thinker, noncommittal to ideas, can’t seem to make up their mind, always flitting here and there — sound like anyone you know?

Clear your physical spaces up. Clean your car, straighten up your home. Organize your desk. Cut your grass. Iron your clothes. The neatness of your physical spaces will lead your mind to will follow suit.

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