The Noticer by Andy Andrews (@AndyAndrews) [Book Review]

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“I am a noticer,” he said. “It is my gift. While others may be able to sing well or run fast, I notice things that other people overlook. And, you know, most of them are in plain sight.” The old man leaned back on his hands and cocked his head. “I notice things about situations and people that produce perspective. That’s what most folks lack — perspective — a broader view. So I give them that broader view … and it allows them to regroup, take a breath, and begin their lives again”

I’ve been trying to remember where I first heard of Andy Andrews, but I can’t come up with it. I’ve had his book on my shelf for some time, finally got to it — and now that I’ve read it, wish I’d gotten to it sooner.

Andy is an older-generation White Guy from Alabama; with that information alone, plus me knowing that he’s in the self-help space,  I had a prejudgement of what The Noticer would be about. Some boring motivational mumbo-jumbo — mumbo-jumbo that I still would have read, mind you, but nothing to rave about.

I was incorrect.

The Noticer is a self-help book that’s geniously delivered in the form of a story (many stories, actually, weaved into one), a la Bob Burg and John David Mann’s works (or maybe it’s the other way around). The short page-turned tells story after story of a mysterious person who just shows up at just the right time for so many people and offers them — this is the key word for Andrews — perspective that changes things.

Many provocative questions are asked of people in the stories — which are really questions for the reader — that could help all of us (one such question: What about you would other people change if they could?)

This book is a self-development must that’s going in my Top Fifteen.

You Should Read The Noticer IF: You deal with people in any capacity. If you want a fresh perspective on your life that makes things better, even when the facts of the situation have not changed.


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the noticer by andy andrews