The Old Man, The Child And The Donkey

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The Old Man, The Child And The Donkey dre baldwin dreallday.comAn old man and a young child were traveling with a donkey. Since the child was young, the old man decided to walk beside the donkey as a guide, while the child rode the donkey.

As they passed through a town, people saw the group and commented how terrible is that child, making that old man walk like that! The young child was affected by the criticism, so they decided to switch places: the young child walked to guide the donkey while the old man rode the donkey.

Passing through the next town, people saw the group and commented, how terrible is that old man, making that young child walk like that! The old man was affected by the comments, so the pair came up with another idea: They would both ride the donkey.

Passing through a third town, people saw them and commented, how terrible are that old man and child, putting all that weight on that poor donkey! 

No matter what you do and how you do it, if you always bend to criticism and comments from people watching from the sidelines, you’ll never do anything right.

Listen to your own judgement. Sideline talk be damned.