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There was a point during the last NBA season when Michael Jordan was speaking to the media. 

Mike owns the Charlotte Hornets, and is the namesake of the most popular athletic sneaker brand in existence, yet he doesn’t do much media. This was a special occasion. 

One of the reporters asked Mike a question comparing the statistical feats of a few current players. 

Houston Rocket player James Harden was on a historic scoring binge. And OKC Thunder player Russell Westbrook had averaged a triple-double for consecutive seasons. 

Which one, Mike, the reporter asked, do you feel would be harder to achieve? 

Jordan’s answer: “Six championships.” 

I dedicated a whole podcast episode to Michael Jordan last week; this is about something else. 

Just like in what you do — or in basketball, if you’re a hooper — there are many scoreboards that you could be watching. 



Social media followers. 

Online reviews. 


Team success. 

Personal awards. 

Happiness of your team. 

You can’t watch them all at once. So what do you pay attention to? 

I get it: you want to win in ALL the important areas of your work, sport and career. Everything matters. 

But, what’s the Big Domino that would push over all the others? 

What’s the one area that, if mastered and perfected, would either render the others obsolete, OR would make all the others “work” by default (for instance — winning in sports gets players paid just as often as stats do; enough revenue in business means you can do good stuff for your staff and keep them happy)? 

What’s the one thing that “wins” the day for you in what you do? What ONE thing trumps everything else for you? 

How much time and energy and focus are you putting into it? 

This — narrowing your many priorities to one, the single definitive outcome — is a discipline. That’s why I’m giving you a free physical copy of my book The Mirror Of Motivation: The Self-Guide To Self-Discipline

With this book, not only will you be more clear on what you’re doing and why, you’ll also be more consistent in your actions — and consistency produces results. 

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