The Only People Who Send Negativity Your Way

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The Only People Who Send Negativity Your Way | Dre BaldwinWhatever you’re doing, when you meet people who have done more than you or are about at your level, you’ll hear encouragement (for the most part). Keep doing what you’re doing. I like what you have going on. Here’s how you could do even more. 

The majority of the negativity and shit talk will come from the people who have done significantly less than you. And there’s a simple reason for this: People who don’t do much don’t want to feel like they’re the only ones in that boat… So they look for others who are doing just as much nothing as they are. Or they’ll find someone doing something — you — and accuse you of doing less than you really have, so they feel closer to you.

Recognize the trap.

When I meet basketball players who have big names — retired and current NBA guys — what I hear is;

I like what you’re doing. 

I’ve been watching you for a while.

My kids use your videos. 

That’s a good thing you have going on.

When I hear you aren’t this, you didn’t do that, you only did such-and-such, it’s always from someone who has done close-to-nothing, looking for a companion.

Recognize the crabs and stay out of the bucket.

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