The Quality Of Quantity

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The Quality Of Quantity dre baldwin dreallday.comQuality or Quantity? Both. We’ve covered this. More than once. Quantity.

A few reasons why more quantity increases your quality:

  • The more quantity you produce, the higher quality of awareness people have of you
  • The more quantity, your quality will improve by default of you doing it so much. Yeah, you do need to strategize and review your work, but by doing so much you’ll get better by accident.
  • Most people don’t have goals large enough to motivate them to action (what we call “laziness”). Producing in quantity makes you stand out simply because the more you produce, the less competition you’ll have.
  • Quantities produced will work for you even when you’re not working.
  • Opportunity happens when your doing something. Producing anything in quantity welcomes the possibility of luck meeting you.
  • Quantity makes it easier for more people to discover you. And you never know who that one person might be — but if you’re not out there, they can’t find you.