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Team sports requires a high level of agreeableness from its participants. That makes sense: you play together, win and lose together, and it helps when everyone gets along away from the game, too. 

My agreeableness is actually very low, though. I noticed this even while I was playing. I abhor groupthink and would often find myself being the one person questioning the group consensus. I often think I would’ve been better as an athlete playing tennis or boxing, working alone rather than on teams. 

I recently read that this trait of disagreeableness is common in entrepreneurs, and it makes perfect sense. We disagree-ers see something that we don’t agree with in the world, but instead of going along with the status quo like everyone else, we decided to go and create a new way of being — then we get the world to see things our way. 

Mark Zuckerbuerg is famous for telling his team to “move fast and break things.” 

Thinking about it more, it was my disagreement with how things were going in my sports career that drove me to make it happen anyway. Making it happen in team sports, despite maybe being better suited, temperament-wise, for solo sports, was my way of sticking up two middle fingers at all those agreeable people who played for the teams that I either didn’t make or got cut from. 

That’s my energy. And it worked for me. Today, I’m in the right role. 

You may be the type of person who knows you don’t belong in a group either. Don’t let these agreeable assholes make you think something is wrong with you. That energy of goign against what everyone else thinks may be exactly what you need. 

I’ll tell you how in episode #1698: Why Being Disagreeable Is The Key To Your Success. Listen here: