The Ride: Take Time Out To Think

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the ride dre baldwinI was about to drive home fro the gym the other day and while on my way to my vehicle in the parking garage, the usual thought crossed my subconscious: what will I listen to on the drive?

I couldn’t think of anything I really wanted to hear so I tried an unconventional trick: listen to no music. Just drive and be alone with my thoughts.

The result? I got some good thinking done. Weren’t any Zen-level epiphanies that hit me, but it felt mildly therapeutic.

The point of this is not to tell you to drive sans music — it was a one-time thing and I abandoned that the very next time I drove — but to take time out of your day to think. What are you doing, where are you going? Why? Why to that? And why again, to that answer?

Personally I use the Calm App for this isolated time each day and try to keep my streak going. I know some meditative instructions say to clear you head and think about nothing, but i use it sometimes to let good ideas come to me. It works.

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