The Scary Truth About Public Opinion And Losing Trust

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I’m a member of multiple paid business coaching / mastermind groups. One of those groups experienced a recent slip-up. 

This particular group has meet-up Zoom calls multiple times every week. As with any group of this kind, there’s a certain set of “regulars” who attend most of the calls (of which I am one), and we’ve come to know each other. We know what everyone else does, the size of their businesses, their ongoing challenges and what they’ve been dealing with. 

The great thing about the group is its diversity: any challenge that comes up, there’s someone who knows something that can help you. Tech, merchandising, social media, group coaching programs, selling courses, finance, mindset, sales funnels — you name it, someone has knowledge on it. 

Many times I join the calls and say nothing, as none of the challenges brought up that day are in my zone of genius, nor do I have a question to pose to the group. I listen in, though, as I still learn through what others have to offer. Conversations can go anywhere, ranging from hiring and firing staff to acquiring investors to dealing with significant others to choosing therapists. 

There’s always an official coach / moderator from the program’s company on every call; often they don’t have to do much talking. A question gets asked, and the group helps the group. The program has become merely a facilitator that brings all of us together. 

Us members have even conversed, individually and as a group, outside of the official program. 

Recently, though, on a series of calls within the program, the people running things decided to make some changes that didn’t go over too well. 

They decided to narrow the scope of accepted topics to be asked about and addressed on the calls. And, they moved to shorten the length of the calls overall. A Wednesday afternoon call that’s usually an hour, lasted all of 8 minutes when the coach ended things early. 

To me, it feels like they want to wrest back some control over the conversations. Why, I don’t know — aside from making their coaches more needed, and saving themselves some time for other things. 

After nearly a year with this program, it’s the first thing they’ve done that just didn’t feel right to me. 

I jumped into the independent group chat that following Friday, after everyone had had a chance to absorb the changes. Many people were already talking about perhaps leaving the program completely, and sharing why they might not even need it anymore. 

This is a normal reaction when things get shaken up amongst any group of people, especially when they’re unhappy. 

Here’s what you should take note of, though. 

This is a proven program, headed by someone who’s both well-accomplished and highly respected in the business world. They have a decade-plus of reputational goodwill built up. 

Still, 8 minutes was all it took for people to look at everything they do in a completely different light. 

That’s how fast opinions can change. Especially when people are pissed off. 

While how you feel about yourself is still the most valuable opinion, when you’re in business, the opinions of your audience / clients matters — a LOT. 

I’ll explain in episode #1601: The Value & Power Of Perception (And How To Control Public Opinion). 

Listen here: 

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