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Being the best at what you do is NOT what gets you seen. Being the best at marketing what you do, gets you seen. 

A young couple was having trouble getting pregnant. They’d been to many doctors and nothing had worked. Both the husband and wife had always envisioned having kids at a young age, and they were losing hope. 

One day, the wife called her husband at work. The wife was watching Oprah, and Oprah’s guest was a fertility doctor. The doctor claimed to have a process that helped struggling couples get pregnant. Even better, he was based in the same city where the couple lived. 

They went to see this doctor, and got pregnant. 

Cool story. 

Here’s the question to consider: What had the doctor done to even get on Oprah? That’s not an easy appearance to land. 

I’d guess that Oprah’s team dealt with thousands of inquiries — potential guests, P.R. clients, books, products to be given away free — every day when the show was on. 

That fertility doctor helped the couple get pregnant because the doctor had gotten himself seen. The doc’s fertility process worked, of course; that matters. But had he not gotten himself noticed in the first place, that couple may still be childless and completely unaware of a great doctor right there in their hometown. 


Serving the people who need what you do is not necessarily about being good. 

Have you ever bought a product or signed up for a service that, looking back at it, completely sucked? Of course you have. 

Now, think of the stuff you purchased or signed up for that were so perfect, you wished you’d found them sooner. Think of the stuff you wonder why you hadn’t come to it as a first option. 

You found the sucky thing first, and the great thing last, for the same reason: Marketing. 

Marketing: the action or business of promoting and selling products or services. 

Marketing: the action or business of promoting and selling products or services. Click To Tweet

Working on your “game” is great. Get better, polish your skills, and be able to deliver. You’ll need all of that. 

But until you can get your game recognized, having game doesn’t matter. 

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