The Simple Discipline Mindset For Handling Un-Fun Work…

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That’s where the money is. 

That’s where the winning is. 

And, that’s where most of your competition isn’t paying attention. 

A lot of basketball players don’t like to lift weights. It’ll mess up their dribbling or shooting, some say. Every minute in the weight room is a minute they could be spending on the court, after all. 

Many entrepreneurs do all the work (or more work than they need to be doing) by themselves — not because they can’t afford to delegate (delegation of online, internet-based work is very cheap), but because teaching someone else to do what they do requires more effort than just doing it themselves. 

Many athletes don’t like to eat healthy (drinking more water, consuming vegetables, staying away from junk food). When you can run fast, jump high and have a 6-pack, what do you need to be more “healthy” for? 

You’d be surprised by how many business owners and everyday people don’t track their finances (I was guilty of this for a time). I mean, simply noting every dollar spent and earned so that you have a clear picture of what’s happening with your money — most people don’t do it. 

These disciplines are the small (or big) things that, one day, make a big difference. 

The challenges: 

1) That “one day” is far enough away that you can always reasonably justify getting to it later… until you forget about it completely… and that one day, surprisingly, happens. 

2) Even if that one day does happen, you may never even see that difference. It affects your life / career / business in such small, microscopic ways that you’d never know that it actually made a difference. If you notice anything at all, you’ll most likely attribute it to something more obvious and visible. 

There’s opportunity in not-so-fun work that intersects as useful and long-term-healthy-for-you work. 

There’s opportunity in not-so-fun work that intersects as useful and long-term-healthy-for-you work.  Click To Tweet

Here’s an obvious hint: you know what some of these things are. Start doing them.  

Your future self will thank you. 

What un-fun work have you been putting off that you know would help you in the long run? Why haven’t you gotten to it? Reply and let me know — I read all responses.  

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