The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson (@JeffOlson_) [Book Reviews]

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“As I began examining my successes and failures, what I gradually realized was that the very same activities that had rescued me from failure, that had carried me from the failure line up to the survival line, would also rescue me from average and carry me from the survival line to the success line—if I would just keep doing them.”

I was surprised to find that I hadn’t yet read The Slight Edge, an oft-mentioned personal development book. It’s masterful in its simplicity, as author Jeff Olson explains the commitment to basic, consistent disciplines makes all the difference for a person’s success — or failure.

You Should Read The Slight Edge IF: You’re on a path to personal and career success, and want to either A) Learn the disciplines that make all the difference, or B) Remind yourself of those disciplines to reinforce that you’re on the right path.

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