The Source: Every Human Is Useful, But Some Are More Than Others

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The Source dre baldwinThere’s something to be learned from everyone, right? Even if we’ve done everything they’ve done and seen twice as much as they’ve seen and forgotten more than they have ever known. Any person could unearth just one little tidbit, one piece of insightful advice, that could help us.


Here’s the thing, though: the better you get at what you do, the larger that number (those less qualified, less knowledgable, less accomplished) becomes. Which means that, the better you get, there are more and more people who just might have some information that you could benefit from.

Do you have the time and energy to sift through them all?

Can you afford to listen to each one of them throw out something useless in hopes of getting to that one valuable nugget that may or may not exist? Time is the only unrenewable resource in life; you cannot — especially if you’re really good — afford to waste it.

Time is better spent listening to those who have already done what you’ve done and are residing where you want to be. The percentage of information from those more-accomplished people that you could use will be much higher and and your time much better spent.

Put it this way: let’s say you want to make some money. Would you rather speak with A) 10 broke people, hoping to get something useful from one of them, or B) One person who’s 10x richer than you, who’s sure to tell you something that will get you closer to where he is? Which is more time and energy efficient?

The only people who think that everyone has valuable information are those who have none — for them, it’s true.

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