The System Is Not In Question

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The System Is Not In Question | Dre BaldwinI see this scenario play itself out over and over again in life.

Some program or system or methodology is presented to someone as a way of reaching success. The program or system or methodology is proven; meaning it has worked for multiple people who all followed it. But this new person has doubts about the program or system or methodology for some reason.

I’m not sure it will work for me

Yeah it worked for him, but…

Can you guarantee that it will work? I don’t want to try it and have it not work for me. 

I know someone who tried it and it didn’t work! 

These statements always come from people who have specific sicknesses.

The sickness of too many failures that the person allowed to negatively affect them long term. In other words, a person who remembers every single detail of anything that goes wrong, and tends to easily forget what goes right.

The sickness of knowing every advantage the next person has that you don’t have.

The sickness of wanting a guarantee of success before doing any work. Also known as, The Something for Nothing Disease.

The sickness of being around too many people who “try” things. When you begin an action with the intention of trying it, you are guaranteeing your failure. Because as soon as something doesn’t go your way, you quit. This disease is highly contagious.

A program or system or methodology that has already proven results is not in question. After all, it’s proven. The only thing not proven is you. Better said, the program or system or methodology has generated more results than you have. So if anything is to be questioned, you are it.

True or not?

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