The Truth About Business by Dana Derricks [Book Reviews]

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Anyone who works with entrepreneurs in any capacity has seen their share of entrepreneurial mistakes, You’ve probably seen some of the same mistakes made over and over again. 

In The Truth About Business, Dana Derricks takes the key principles he’s learned from years of mistakes — his own and those of others — and explains not only how to avoid those, but also the right ways to take control of your business and create systems that will keep your business running perpetually. 

Many of the principles Dana espouses in The Truth About Business are also found in his Dream 100 and High Ticket Book Secrest books, both of which I read before The Truth About Business. Dana himself promotes each of his other books within this book.  Perhaps this one was written first.  

I’ll also admit that I wrote this review having allowed too much time to pass between my finishing of this book and my actual review of it; I don’t remember enough of what Dana shared to go into more detail — and I’m not going into the book now to find the details. 

Read it yourself. 

You Should Read The Truth About Business IF: You want to create a sustainable business process, and avoid the mistakes many entrepreneurs make along the way.