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An author shared a challenge in a recent ClubHouse room I was Moderating.  


She believes the book she’s been working on would change her business forever. The problem is that she’s finding a bunch of other stuff to do rather than writing and finishing this business-altering book. 


There’s a lie in there. 


Either — 


  1. A) This book will NOT alter her business forever. She’s exaggerating. 




  1. B) The book WILL alter her business. But she — consciously or not — doesn’t want her business altered. 


There is no other option, given the facts.


Have you ever faced this situation? You knew there were good things waiting on the other side of an action, but still couldn’t bring yourself to take the action. 


This is not a motivation issue. It’s a real-conversation-with-yourself issue. Claim your free copy of The Mirror Of Motivation so you can have that conversation with yourself. 


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