The Universe Is Testing You: Stick To Your Disciplines

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When things aren’t going well, that’s the main time when people quit — on themselves, on following the plan, on their commitments, on their teams.

Discipline is all about doing things when you don’t want to do them. When you don’t feel like doing them. When things don’t even seem to be working the right way, and you stick to the script anyway. Those who do it anyway usually make it through the darkness into the light.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy, you’ve heard that before. And you probably believe it, too. So why is it so hard for people to actually follow it? When it’s not going well, that’s the universe testing you: Finding out how serious you are about what you claim to want. How many setbacks will you remain disciplined through? How many dark nights will you wake up from? How many third days will you show up to?

Graduation is on the other side.


  1. Amazing post, This is just what I needed to hear. This is why I always come back and read your new articles. They are great for motivation and to help keep the reader in track.

    I also enjoy your drestories channel on YouTube. Whenever I need a good laugh, or some positivity, I watch a couple of those videos.

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