The Universe Will Meet You Halfway

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When I was working at Foot Locker and Bally Total Fitness in 2004-05 following graduation college, all I wanted was to play professional basketball. Problem was, I had no resume (college career wasn’t great), no connections and no prospects of making it happen.

But I woke up every day thinking about how I could do it. I told everyone who asked that pro basketball was my future. I asked anyone who knew anyone if they knew anyone who had information that I could use. I believed it. I spoke it. I dreamed it. And I eventually made it.

You all know the concept of karma. Whatever you put out, comes back to you.

Do you agree? If so, know that it applies to not only the good and bad you do towards others, but the words, thoughts and energy and you direct to yourself.

And the universe knows all.

So every effort you put out there — remember that this applies to both good and bad, progressive and regressive — the universe will match your input like a 401k at your corporate job.

Well if it was THAT simple, Dre, everyone would be doing it. 

You’d be surprised.

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