The Work Frustrating You And Kicking Your Ass?

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The Work Frustrating You And Kicking Your Ass? - Dre BaldwinThen be happy. That shit is part of the game.

You are not going to just walk into something new and be great at it with no bumps or bruises along the way. There will be days when you feel like breaking something or punching a hole in the wall. There will be moments when you question how the fuck he or she got an opportunity or achievement when you know you’re better.

It is part of the job.

That frustration, those long days that leave you questioning if you’re in the right line of work are what lead you to the breakthroughs — because your brain will only accept so much pain before it says, No more. Something needs to change, now. That’s when the breakthrough happens. But without a proper level of emotional charging (in the form of that pain and suffering), you won’t get there.

Just keep going and don’t quit.

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