There’s Always a Real Reason…

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[From CNBC…]

“What is the real reason for Instagram to hide likes:

Former Facebook employees said hiding likes wasn’t really about taking care of users’ mental health and fighting bullying. The company believes that the invisibility of the number of likes encourages users to make more posts with original content. A small number of likes makes people feel awkward, they even delete their posts, which is disadvantageous for the company. But what if no one sees likes? More content – more time spent on Instagram – more opportunities to display ads.”

No one does anything without a real reason. 

No one does anything without a real reason.  Click To Tweet

Smart people, like the nerds at Facebook, know that when the real reason is a bit too self-serving, they need a good not-about-us reason that works as a proxy. 

What was the last good reason you heard that was merely serving as a front for the real reason? When have you used them yourself? Reply and let me know — I read all responses. 

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