There’s A Match For Everyone: Stay In The Game

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There's A Match For Everyone: Stay In The Game - Dre BaldwinDating. Work. Friendships. However you are as a partner, employee/entrepreneur, or friend, there is a match out there in the world for you.

Yeah, I know you’ve had your mismatches and really bad ideas. You’ve felt like a failure and felt like you’ve wasted your time and money and emotions on/with people and things that were, in hindsight, a complete waste. What you’ll find is that those very wastes and setbacks were simply polishing you up, making you even more perfect for that match that exists out there, just for you. In fact, it’s waiting on you.

Your only responsibility? Stay in the game. Don’t walk off the field because of what happened before. The past does not equal the future. You will win the game as long a you keep playing, but you are guaranteed to lose if you quit.

There’s a match waiting for you, somewhere in the game. Keep going, one play at a time.

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