What Scarcity? There’s Plentiful Abundance All Around Us

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There's Nothing But Abundance Around Us dre baldwin dreallday.comI heard a speaker say that humans are the only animal that lives in a mindset of scarcity, while being amongst nothing but abundance.

Squirrels down worry about finding more nuts. Pelicans know they will find more fish. Bees don’t stress over finding flowers to pollenate.

Humans? How often do you hear someone talking about not having enough?

I don’t have time for that. I’m not getting any help. I can’t afford it. 

Money. Well, we know for a fact that money is merely paper, and it can be printed in as much quantity as is chosen. We know that more of it gets printed every day.  We know that there are people, who have the same amount of time every day as us, who have plenty of it. So how about copying what someone who has more is doing?

Time. Ok, so we all get 24 hours per day. So if you don’t have time, you’re a terrible manager of it and you need to get better. Start by killing your to-do list, the biggest killer of time. Then do an audit: Chart your entire day and what you’re doing with your most valuable resource. Then eliminate all wastes. Then start planning your days by calendar, not to-do lists.

Help. The world is full of resources, many of which you have access to. If you’re not getting the job done due to a lack of resources, that’s not the real problem: It’s your lack of resourcefulness in seeing the ways you can help yourself fright in front of your face.

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