They Love Themselves More

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They Love Themselves More | Dre BaldwinHave you ever been in love?

That’s a trick question. We are all in love – with ourselves.

If you and a friend were taking a walk in the woods and an angry bear started chasing you, you wouldn’t need to outrun the bear. You’d just need to outrun your friend.

Yeah, there are good people out there who will do nice things out of the kindness of their hearts. Maybe you are one of those people. There’s a limit to your charity though. Give and receive.

Humans are driven by self-interest: show people a way they can benefit from an action, and you greatly increase the chances they’ll do it. For some, being the one person who can help you is payment enough; they get a sense of power. Just know who you’re dealing with.

People love themselves more than they love you. Remember this any time you’re asking for help and frame it to their benefit. Be careful of stretching the limits of someone’s charitable nature — we are our own priority.

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