Where Did You Think You Would Be By Now?

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Where Did You Think You Would Be By Now? - Dre BaldwinWe all have a vision of where we saw ourselves at by now. How do you feel your current life measures up compared to that vision? Are you exactly on plan (I seriously doubt it — none of us are)? Are you ahead of yourself? Behind schedule? On a whole other path than the one you thought you’d be on?

What changes did you make? What decisions shaped you? What were the pivotal moments?

Are you happy about where you are right now? Why or why not? What could be better? What will be better? What changes need to be made? When do those changes start?

These are questions that people don’t ask themselves enough. What happens when we don’t, as time goes by and we one day wake up to the questions and wonder where all the time/energy/plans went while we were busy living.

Take stock of what you’re doing, where you’re going and who you are. There is no Act II.