What’s The Third Day?

If you’ve ever joined a gym (or re-started your workouts from a “vacation”), you know The Third Day.

Day One, you feel great. New gym clothes, new sneakers to break in, a new trainer… new everything! The workout is tough — you’re not in shape, remember? — but it’s fun to be back and doing something new. You drag yourself to the bathroom mirror and say to yourself, I’m DOING this!

Day Two brings some soreness, your body reminding you how long it’s been since it worked this hard. The workout kicks your butt, but you’re still excited about this new experience; it’s only the second day after all. You drag yourself home and say to yourself — with only slightly less enthusiasm — I’m DOING this!

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Day Three, things are… different. You snooze the alarm a time or two. Getting out of bed sounds like you’re making a bag of microwave popcorn. You don’t want to hear your trainer’s mouth. You seriously considering quitting this whole getting-in-shape scheme; you’re still within the 10-day cancellation period.

The Third Day is any situation in life where it’s no longer new and exciting, but there’s a job to be done — and you’re responsible. The Third Day is the discipline to show up and do that job, regardless of how you’re feeling. The Third Day is reminding yourself that you’re a professional (or plan on becoming one) — then showing up and proving it.

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The Third Day is how I became who I am, and it’s the core of what I teach to my audiences.

In Sports, The Third Day is that last set that your body really doesn’t want to do, or that early-morning practice that no one wants to be at. But you’re the best player and team captain. You’re the example-setter.

In Business, The Third Day is the mid-week afternoon where you’re struggling to stay awake and activated. But you’re the team leader, and you know there following your lead. You set the tone.

In Life, The Third Day is the day you’d rather spend the day in bed or on the couch or on the beach… but people are counting on you. Your sense of responsibility kicks in.

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