Through The Bones

June 15, 2015 Through The Bones

Through The Bones | Dre BaldwinHave you ever wondered why your voice sounds different when you listen to yourself on a recording as opposed to how you sound while you’re actually talking? Well, I have. And I found out why.

Turns out, when you speak, the sound waves travel through the bones of your body to your ears. And bone conducts sound waves a certain way. But when you listen to, say an audio or video of yourself, the sound waves travel through air, which conducts sound waves a completely different way.

Conversely, have you ever been in a situation where you had an idea or belief that no one else bought into? You knew you were right or had the right idea and you just knew your plans were rock solid and would produce the desired result… And no one wanted to hear it?

That’s because your ideas were traveling through air.

There will come a day, if it hasn’t already (many times over, for some of us), when no one else believes what you believe. They don’t see the future success that you see. They don’t have the vision that you have. People, feeling as if they’re offering you great advice, will urge you to listen to the airwaves.

But, sometimes in life you have to trust the one voice that sounds different: the one that travels through bone.

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