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Throw Yourself Out There - Dre BaldwinMy friend Wes has the best crossover dribble love of anyone I’ve ever known. One day during our junior year of college we were headed to the gym to play pickup but I had one demand before we left my apartment:

“Show me exactly how you set-up and do that move.”

Wes showed me and what resulted is the NBA Crossover Tutorial video.

I went to the gym that day and, with the ideas and technique fresh in my consciousness, crossed a couple cats out of their Nikes. Over time, though, the idea and technique weren’t as fresh and I lost that “new” feeling of confidence I had of trying the move. I talked to Wes on the phone one day — this was a couple months later and school was out — and told him of my plight.

How do I start using that crossover again the way I did at first?

“You just gotta throw them shits out there, man.”

That’s it. If you want to hit those higher levels, there isn’t a guarantee that you’ll make it, or that what you try will work. If it we’re guaranteed you would’ve done it already! And that’s what stops most people from trying stuff: The prospect of failing and the abject fear we have of failure. If you’re going to be the best at anything, you just be willing to throw yourself/your ability/your idea/your product or service out there and see what happens.

You might cross your defender over and have a highlight reel play. You might cross yourself over and fall on your face. But the flip side of that is you living the rest of your life wondering “what if…” You’d had the heart to try.

Your choice.

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