Tips: Admire Them, But Do YOU

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I like Kobe Bryant’s game.

I enjoy watching LeBron dunk.

I have “ooh & ahh” moments when Dwyane Wade does a nice crossover move.

But when I step on the court, I’m not Kobe. I don’t try to be LeBron, and I don’t want to be DWade.

When you watch your favorite players play, there’s nothing wrong with liking their games and the highlight plays they make. We all do that. If you are a player yourself, at some point you must realize that you have to find your own way with your game. Looking at all of your favorite players, you can see that there is only one incarnation of each of them, even though they are so good. So why don’t other people simply become carbon copies of these great players? Because you can’t.  No one can completely copy another person. Borrow moves, copy techniques. And as a player, set about defining yourself.

Then, maybe one day, a young player will be wanting to be you.