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For a course, program or product in the business space, a launch is like the grand opening of a business. Grand openings are fun. There’s music, fun and games and free stuff given away. All the workers are nice and smiling and happy to serve you. 

If every day was like Grand Opening Day, every business would thrive for eternity. 

Listen to enough entrepreneurs talk these days, and this “launch” word comes up all the time. 

Course launch. Program launch. Product launch. 

Names get dropped of this person and the other who made $XXXXXXX on their latest launch, and of the people who are the best launching programs that teach you how to launch programs. 

I understand the concept of launching. If it makes sense for the person who’s doing it, they should do it. Hopefully, the launch does what you want it to do. 

But, just like at the local grocery store, launch day is over in 24 hours (or less). After launch day, you have all the other days, and people to serve. There are many more of those days then there are launch days. 

This is why the overall race — how you do unit thing every day — matters much more than the sprint of launch day. At the same time, there are 10 launch conversations for every one “show up every day” conversation. 

Here’s why: every day work is not sexy. It’s not sensational. It’s hard to entice someone by telling them how you showed up for work every day for three years; it’s much easier to tell them how you made $100K in three days. 

Thing is though, the three years approach lasts longer. It’s more dependable, and provides a much larger sample size for someone to discern what you’re really about. And unlike launch day, when it’s done consistently enough, it provides its own marketing. 

That’s why I made episode #1404: Focus On The Marriage — Not Just The Wedding

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