Together Again: College Teammates Meet-Up In North Carolina

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This past weekend I had a great reunion with a group of my college teammates and friends in North Carolina. The weekend featured two very late nights — I’m currently in the airport with 5 hours of sleep banked over the past 48 — a intense two-hour pickup basketball run, a great sampling of downtown Raleigh (has a lot to offer, surprisingly), and the usual loud and funny reminiscing of stories from days and times that will never be duplicated (and in many instances, never repeated outside of that room).

We had hotel security called on us once. I explained the Paleo eating lifestyle about six times. Ate fried food about five times. Started what will be a hilarious group text between six people. Hit about 4 solid 125-yard drives at the driving range (out of a basket of about 50 balls). Stood in a couple of bars that brought back memories, from the young drunks around us to getting bumped a few too many times to outside-the-bar hangouts waiting for everyone to come out. Found my outside shot in the final, most intense game of our two-hour hoops run. And made one group decision that we have to do this at least once a year going forward.

I made some cool new friends and got to share laughs with some old ones from a time period in my life that was unforgettable and very responsible for who and where I am now. I am currently hanging on for the last 20 minutes of waiting until I board this plane, to sleep the whole two hour trip back to Miami.

This weekend reminded me that all the things we do — pay bills, work hard, make and spend money, work some more — are done to get us closer to the experiences that make life what it is. This weekend was, in short, full of life. And I loved it.

I’ll be sleeping all day tomorrow.

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