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You want to get out of your rut.

You want to start your own enterprise, which has been speaking to you loudly from within, for awhile.

You hate your boss/job/boring life/lack of inspiration.

You’re gonna do it, as soon as ______________.

I’ve been there. Not so much as when it came to starting a brand, but in other areas.

Quitting jobs & Ending relationships. Those are the two main areas people get stuck in and know they want out, but never do. Why not?

  1. tomorrow is today now dre baldwinToo convenient
  2. The alternative will be, at least temporarily, uncomfortable
  3. A lot of people will judge your choice
  4. You’ll be worse off afterwards, at least in the short term
  5. All of your set routines will be broken
  6. Meeting and dealing with new people, and having to talk about the last _________ (years/months) you spent in something you knew you wanted out of. That’s awkward. And uncomfortable.

Ok. Understandable. Let’s cover each one.

  1. Your comfort zone is you biggest enemy. The amount of discomfort you can force on yourself has a linear relationship to your expansion and well-being as a person.
  2. You want to grow? Want to be stronger as a person? Want to have those qualities in you that that one friend/person on TV exudes and you just can’t figure out how to acquire them? Here he is, Mr. Opportunity. And he is knocking.
  3. Another great opportunity for you: you’ll find out who everyone really is when you make your move. All human beings judge. When you walk down the aisle in the grocery store, you make a snap judgement about every person walking the other way past you — we need these judgements to function amongst each other in society. If you are out in public right now reading this, you are being judged at this very moment by every person who looks at you. A true friend is loyal to you as a person, not to the things you have or the thing you do for money. Those who slowly fade out are the ones who were only there for the thing that you eliminated, simple as that. Thing leaves, they leave. Let them go.
  4. Seth wrote a great post that fits into this post. The persistent stays in a job or relationship in which they’re unhappy because they’re persistent — keep doing the same over and over and maybe one day things will change. The tenacious have the same goal as the persistent — happiness — difference is, the tenacious know when something isn’t working and make adjustments until something clicks. There’s a difference. You will be worse off in some area or areas, at first. Your tenacity will be tested. You will learn about yourself and usually find tat you’re stringer than you thought. The tenacity music is sitting dormant right now.
  5. Congratulations! There’s a lot you’ve been missing out on. That area of town that you’ve heard about but never been to, just because? The people you see all the time but never talk to? Those two great ideas you have that you haven’t acted on, for no good reason? Welcome home from Routine Jail. How does it feel to be out?
  6. “Me too.” Be ready to hear a lot of this, if not the exact phrase, some metaphors for it in the form of other people’s stories. You ain’t the only one feeling how you’re feeling right now. Trust me. Then trust you to share yourself with someone.

Someday. Tomorrow. One day. As soon as ____. That day is now. Welcome to the rest of your life.

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