Too Good: When You’re Better Than Them, They’ll Always Point Out The Negative

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Too Good dre baldwinOnce you start building your name and reputation for your skill, humans will do what humans do: find small ways to chip away at or discredit you.

These “attacks” — I use quotes because often it is not done with a malicious intent — will sometimes come in the fork of off-hand comments.

“Yeah you did this, but you didn’t to that.”

“She did it better/faster/before you though”.

“That was a nice move, but you should’ve dunked it.”

The people these comments come from don’t hate you or even dislike you — often they’re even fans — it’s just our hard wired instinct to not allow any other human appear too perfect, without flaws.

This is actually good for you, when you think about it. When you look like you’re too good and they can’t point out obvious (to them) flaws, then people become really hostile and the attacks do get personal.

Treat it like seeing a mosquito flying around your kitchen. Ignore it, swat it away or open a window and let it out. No need to overreact. Accept the harmless insects and be glad there aren’t rats.

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