What Super-Productive People Do When They Have Too Many Ideas

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Ideas are one of my best skills. 

I come up with at least ten ideas every day and write them down. 

I don’t plan to execute on most of these ideas; most of them suck anyway. Even with the ones that seem plausible, I don’t have the time, talent or energy to execute on all of them. 

I have to be selective. Choosing wisely, just like producing ideas, is a valuable skill. 

I read an article written by a man who’d been at an event where famous lifehacker Tim Ferriss (of Four Hour fame) was asked about productivity. 

Tim is a multiple-time bestselling author, successful investor (he was in on the ground floor of Uber, Facebook, Twitter, WeWork, and Shopify) and host of one of the most-listened-to podcasts out there. I think most people would be happy with that Tim’s level of productivity. 

In the Q&A session, the predictable questions came. 

What’s your morning routine like? 

How do you get so much done? 

How do you start organized? 

What’s your process for choosing amongst so many opportunities? 

Tim answered the question — but, insightful guy as he is, he answered a different question — a better question. 

I’m not as productive as people may think, Tim said. I’m fairly unorganized, and I waste as much time messing around doing nothing as anyone else. 

But here’s the thing I do: I ask myself, ‘what’s the one thing that, if I do this, it renders all my other challenges, problems and to-dos irrelevant?

Tim doesn’t try to do everything. He identifies and then attacks the most important thing. 

If you’re in business for yourself (and we all are, in one way or another), I would guess that the most important thing for you, work-wise, is revenue. 

While there are other things that matter in business and in life, of course, revenue is the lifeblood of business: have enough of it, and every other problem — web design, vacations, customer service, needing new office space — can be solved. 

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See you there. 


-Dre Baldwin