My Tools, Equipment & Gadgets

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I’m often asked what equipment I supplements (if any) I take, how I eat, and the rest. This page is created to answer those questions. If there’s anything I’ve left out, let me know in the comments.


Websites, Programs, Meals, Help, etc

Small, Quick Jobs Help: Fiverr Ever want something digital down quickly – and you’re not skilled enough to do it (quickly)? Fiverr is for you. Hire someone for as little as $5 to do quick jobs for you and start buying time like a true entrepreneur does. You can even sell your services on Fiverr.

Sales Pages, Funnels Etc: ClickFunnels allows you to automate the selling of your stuff by a system, rather than hoping people find and buy it. If you plan on selling products online and getting your physical presence out of the way of your income, you need to take a hard look at ClickFunnels.

Hiring Help / Outsourcing / Virtual Assistants: OnlineJobs.PH I have multiple people working behind the scenes for me, and they are all from OJPH. This site is owned and run by an American who found a ton of success in hiring Filipino workers. Things have been so great for him, he set up this platform for entrepreneurs like us to do the same. He even wrote several blog posts with great guides for how to hire and work with Filipinos.

Tweet Scheduling: Buffer You may already know about Buffer, which allows you to schedule social media posts according to custom schedules you can create and edit as you wish.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Nutshell If you do any type of selling – speaking, coaching, consulting – you’ll need a CRM to keep track of your business. There are many to choose from, and Nutshell is my favorite due to its user-friedliness. Meaning, you don’t have to know what CRM stands for to be using Nutshell seamlessly very quickly.

Reading Articles Later: Instapaper I read a lot. And being on social media and working all the time, I don’t always have time to read the articles that grab my attention. Instapaper handles this by allow you to save articles in one place for later reading with one click. The app/website even strips all the junk off the article or blog post pages (like ads and menus) so you’re left with just the actual words.

Purchase & Expense Tracking: Foreceipt If you’re in business and need to track expenses without saving a stack of receipts – or if you just want to track your spending month by month – Foreceipt does it. Take photos of your receipts and save them by category, and even track your income with it.

Meal Delivery Service: MyHealthRush I’ve been with MHR after trying 4-5 other services in South Florida. The main reason I left all the others: Bad customer service – consistently bad accounting; rude employees; company mistakes they didn’t want to accept responsible for. I only left ONE for bad food. Rochelle at MHR is great, the food is great, and there are plenty options for whatever your eating preference. Let them know I sent you.


Basketball: On The Court

Wilson EVOLUTION Basketball This is a normal, no-gadgets-or-tech basketball. This is the softest, easiest on the hands basketball I’ve ever used and my preference if I needed to buy a ball. Being so soft though, one drawback is that moisture makes the ball hard to control.

Wilson CONNECTED Basketball I used a demo’d the CONNECTED ball in this YouTube video in 2015. It tracks you shots, distance, and accuracy. This ball is not made for dribbling, but it can be dribbled.

Rosin Powder I get asked by some players how to keep their hands dry when they;re seating or it’s humid on the court. This is the stuff pros use in games – think LeBron’s “chalk toss” – to keep dry hands when moisture intervenes.

Foam Roller Stretching is great, but muscles that are worked a lot have tightness that stretching alone cannot loosen. That’s where foam rollers come in. I use this on my legs, feet, hips and back as needed. You can find many demonstrations online of how to use it; I will make one soon as well.

Stretch Out Strap This strap makes stretching easier as you can extend yourself further than your current flexibility level. The strap is kind of like extra arms.

Knee Wraps (For Icing) Ice is super-impotant for your knees in a sport like basketball. The constant start-stop movements, jumping and changes of direction are more damaging than the running itself. Use these wraps after every workout to reduce inflammation. (Video)

Padded Knee Pad / Sleeve If you like wearing knee pads like I (and many current players) do, these are my favorite. They’re actually knee sleeves that have pads on the knees. Also good if you like covering more leg and your shorts aren’t long enough to do the job.

Lateral Resistor I’ve used these for years to work on my lateral quickness. Many of those vids are here. These resistors fight against you spreading your feet  and strengthen the hip abductors.

Colored Bandanas You probably have noticed I wear these often when working out. No gang affiliation, haha. This pack gives many plenty of options.

Gatorade Bottles For keeping the water close by, so I don’t have to walk to a fountain or wait in line for a drink.

Bluetooth Headphones I use these sometimes to have no cords in the way.

Bluetooth Headphones Bought these in July 2016 as an upgrade, they have a higher rating then the Dre Power Beats for less than half the price.

Video Recording

iPhone Desk Tripod This tripod is only about 6 inches tall, but is made specifically for holding a smartphone and filming. The wrapping legs can even attach to a pole, chair or bigger tripod if needed.

Wide Lens Camera The camera I used for most of 2014-15 in the gym filming. It has a really wide lens, so you won’t even need to adjust the camera as you move around the court. It does not have a viewfinder though, so you cannot look at what you’re doing until you load it up on a computer afterwards.

Tipod Essential for filming. I use it on the court and for off-court filming.

Smartphone Car Mount / Holder If you’ve seen me live streaming while driving, this is how I do it. The mount inserts into your CD slot (you can still have a CD play while using this, too) and hold a phone securely. The neck rotates, too, for angling it as needed.

Video Editing / Web

Apple MacBook Pro 13″ My #1 tool for everything – editing, contacting, this website. I’ll be upgrading to MacBook Air this year in addition to this one.

Samsung Chromebook My sidekick laptop, which is much lighter than the MacBook and easier to travel with. It’s connected to your Google account and stores in the cloud (aka Google Drive).

Nutrition & Eating

Protein Powder I’ve used multiple protein powders over the years; now I stay away from whey and use plant-based protein. This one gives a lot of bang for the buck and has 100 servings per container.

Vegan Protein Powder I have also used this one, which is sold in Whole Foods sometimes on sale for cheaper than it is on Amazon. The only drawback is that the small container has just 10 servings, meaning having to buy this over and over again. The pea protein above lasts for months.

Other Stuff

Replacement Apple Lightning USB Cords If you use your phone as much as I use mine, you may alos like having cords in multiple places. By the bed, at your desk, in the car, in the kitchen, with your portable charger… I like to keep many of them handy.

Standing Desk Extension I recently got this so I could stand up while I worked. It’s better for my back and my overall posture. And I have more energy through the day when I’m standing more (though the first couple days are tough to adjust to!). This extension is adjustable to fit any height too.

 Audio Microphone This is the microphone I use for recording the Work On Your Game podcast and my voice over work. It is the standard professional microphone for anything audio. High quality sound at a good price.

Clip-On Microphone (for recording video) this is what I use when I do my commentary videos, just standing and talking to the camera with no physical movement. This mic picks up your sound well and makes it easier for viewers to hear you. Bad audio is unacceptable for video being made these days; have a microphone on!

Pop Filter I added the pop filter when I was having too many popping sounds in my recordings. And I haven’t had any since! So this things works as advertised. Great thing is it can fit on any microphone, with an adjustable attachment and a neck that can turn any way.

Bluetooth Headset I’m on the phone a lot, and the iPhone seems to be getting bigger and bigger. I also take notes while I’m on calls, so I need my hands. The bluetooth handles this. And it will play music, podcasts and the like in between rings (or dials).

Wireless Router The router I use at home. Never an issue with it.

Portable Phone Charger This is one of the most important gadgets I own. Especially with the live streaming and Snapchatting I do these days, which drain phone batteries quickly. This keeps or gets me charged anytime I need it. And it’s rounded end fits in more places than its square-shaped competitors.

Replacement Beats by Dre Cord / Wires The cord on Beats headphones shorts out from time to time, especially if it gets wet often (i.e. you work out with your Beats). The cords are cheap and dependable.