Why Training Exists

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The purpose of training/practice isn’t to say you trained.
It’s not about showing off your physique (though that’s a positive byproduct).
Training is not about doing more than others, or having others think you did more than them.
Training in itself is not a competition.

If you’re a serious athlete or professional in any field, or plan to be one, Training and Practice has one purpose: To prepare you for the opportunity to prove your game.

There is no other reason to train.

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What you do in training doesn’t make you good, worthy of attention, or someone to look up to. What you do in training is getting you ready for  Showtime — the time and place where you can earn all of that. Or, getting you ready for the audition, showcase or tryout where you can prove you’re worthy of a chance to be in the Show.

And no matter how hard you trained — or claim to train — if you don’t prove it when the lights come on, it doesn’t matter.

There are levels to this shit. Training alone is not the game. It’s a means to an end: Showing Your Game when it matters, where it matters, in front of people who matter.

If you haven’t yet done that, keep working.

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