Tryna Drain Me Of My Energy

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Tryna Drain Me Of My Energy | Dre BaldwinI was listening to audio of a guy doing a seminar and he shared that dealing with the group he was presenting to (it was audio of a live event) was a drain on his energy. He planned on sleeping for a few days after finishing the event. He said that some people get energized by the audience — my friend Dawnna is this type — while others do better in solitude.

I’m the same way as the seminar guy.

Each of our energies goes up and down based on triggers that are based on our particular mental chemistry.

Me, I enjoy working alone. Not having a group to lean on, a person to call on for help — that energizes me. Especially when I see others working together compared to my alone — I get excited. That same scenario can drain and stress out other people.

Looking back on life thus far I feel I’ve done my best work alone. If you’re the same, it doesn’t mean you can’t work in groups — just that you work better without one.

An easy way to illustrate is the many people I talk to about making videos. It’s a real challenge for some people to record a video in an empty room with no audience, even knowing that thousands may eventually see it. Me, I can do those all day.

For efficiency purposes, think about which situations energize and which drain you. Put yourself in them more and watch yourself getting more done.

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