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Truth: We are taught, trained and conditioned to get along. To be friendly, nice, agreeable, and to maintain positive relations above all.

Truth: We have 100x (or at least 10x) more respect for people who are the exact opposite. Uncompromising, demanding, wanting what they want, and completely non-negotiable about it.

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There is a lot of space between these two. There are times when you can afford to compromise — when you’re deciding with friends what hotel to stay at on vacation, for example.

There are other times, though, when compromising makes you sick to your stomach even as you continue to do it — like James from yesterday’s post, for example.

So the question is, what’s important enough to you that you refuse to compromise on it?

Here’s another: how willing are you to expand that no-compromise list? How comfortable can you make yourself with (possibly probably) making other people uncomfortable, in order for you to have the life that you actually want?

There’s no law that dictates how much of your life must be a compromise. There are people for whom their number is 100%; they’re probably living very unfulfilled existences.

There are others for whom that number is 0%, or close to it. I doubt these people have any trouble making decisions.

One More Truth: those who are uncompromising about what they want? They usually get it.


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